Checklist for your Solar System

Most Solar systems are generally low maintenance due to the lack of any moving parts. However, there are a few things to keep an eye on to ensure the longevity of a system. Most of the return of a solar system is through the energy it produces, so it’s key to ensure your system is running smoothly.

1. Visual Inspection

We do not recommend that homeowners go on the roof to inspect their solar system. Normally a quick look over from the ground can accomplish this. From the ground, look to see if any of the panels have any damage or debris buildup ( leaves, branches wrappers etc). Keeping an eye on this is a good way to compare your panels with your system monitoring reports.

2. Online Monitoring

Your solar system should come with a tool to track its production. Make sure to look at that monitoring tool every so often to make sure the system is up and working properly.

With an Enphase Monitoring System, you can get your monitoring at:

You can download the Enphase - Enlighten Mobile app at:

With the SunPower Monitoring System, you can get your monitoring at

3. Look Out for New Shading

Shading will influence your system's production. Keep an eye on any trees that may have become overgrown since the install. It's better to be proactive than reactive in this case, keep trees trimmed to avoid possible shading issues.

4. Keep Inverters and Shut Offs Clear

Make sure to keep trees and bushes clear from inverters and shut off switches for most systems. It is crucial to have a clear path in the event of an emergency. A 93Energy Solar system does not have an inverter because all panels have micro-inverters built within the panel eliminating the need for this. It is still very important to keep the emergency shut-off switches clear of debris.

5. Panel Cleaning

Cleaning the panels is not recommended. A good rainstorm will wash away any dust or debris. Panels are extremely durable; however, improper tools and or techniques can possibly damage the panels. Please check with 93ENERGY Solar before cleaning the panels to discuss options.

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