Solar Panels for Custom Warehouses

Solar Panels for Custom Warehouses

Custom Warehouses Solar Panel Installation

Businesses that are looking to the future by adopting renewable energy can anticipate better control over energy costs, operational expenses, and more, especially when installing solar panels for warehouses. 93Energy understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all option; different industries and organizations have different assets and energy goals. Regardless, opting to make use of the empty space around or on top of most warehouses by installing solar panels is guaranteed to make almost any business more profitable in the long run. 

Custom Warehouses Solar Panels

6 Benefits of Solar Energy for Warehouses

Installing solar power for warehouses comes with many advantages. We’ve put together some of the most popular benefits of warehouse solar panels here: 

1) Lowers Operational Costs

Installing commercial solar might seem daunting or expensive, but the facts are that solar energy for businesses actually saves money by lowering energy expenses. The process is simple when you choose a professional commercial solar panel installation company like 93Energy to handle the job! 

2) Own Your Own Power Generation Assets

Solar panels for warehouses are a great way to become more or entirely independent from the electrical system. No more downtime from not having the electricity needed to operate, and no need to rely entirely on questionable fossil fuel-based generators. The next time poor weather or other outages threaten the electrical grid in your area, you can rest easy knowing your team can keep operating as usual.  

3) Hedge Against Energy Costs Long-Term 

The prices of fossil fuels are only going upward; this is evident from not only lived experience but economic experts as well. Rather than constantly stress about your bottom line due to ever-increasing energy costs, invest in warehouse solar power to take control of your power bill. 

4) Incentives and Tax Benefits

Commercial solar power provides a number of financial benefits to companies in the form of grants and tax credits. Different states and areas have different benefits available; 93Energy will always make sure that you’re able to take advantage of all local, state, and federal financial incentives when choosing solar for your business. This greatly helps to offset the cost of becoming more energy independent. 

5) Supply Chain Sustainability

Warehouse solar panels are becoming more and more common thanks to their impact on supply chain sustainability. Since solar energy only becomes more efficient and less expensive, there’s never been a better time than now to take control of your supply chain’s energy demands. 

6) Help Tackle Climate Change

It’s no secret that the temperature around the world is changing. You can lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment by installing solar panels for your commercial warehouse. Plus, businesses that install solar panels present a positive, green image to employees and clients alike, improving their overall social image. 


Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are a type of solar loan popular with customers who want to own their system but who need to manage the timing difference between installation and receipt of state and federal incentives. Since solar incentives in Illinois can account for more than 60% of the cost of a system, this type of loan allows customers to go solar with considerably less up-front investment.

Term Loans

A term loan is similar to mortgage.  The term loans most frequently chosen by our customers have a 20-year term, but we also offer 15 and 10 year loans.  This type of solar loan is great for customers who want to minimize the out-of-pocket cost of going solar but who still want to take advantage of the long-term economics of solar ownership. The payments on these loans can be smaller than the savings on utility bills that result from going solar.

Solar Lease/Power Purchase Agreement

Just as with an automobile lease, with a solar lease you don’t actually purchase your solar system—you make payments for the right to use it over a period of time.  The solar leases we offer are provided by SunPower, our equipment manufacturer, and have terms of 20 years. Solar leases are great for consumers who want to immediately save money on their energy costs but who prefer not to invest in their system. Solar leases are also ideal for customers who don’t have a federal income tax liability and thus can’t take advantage of the federal tax credit for solar.  Solar lease customers do not receive the federal tax credit or the Illinois Shines incentive, but rather benefit from those incentives through a lower monthly lease payment than they would otherwise receive.

Get the Best Warehouse Solar Panels Around

By choosing 93Energy, you choose a reputable solar panel installation company known for servicing a wide range of industries across the United States. From agribusiness to manufacturing, we’re committed to providing the best solar energy solutions for your unique needs. Take advantage of all that open space on your commercial buildings and warehouses by going solar-powered with 93Energy. Give us a call or send us an email today for more information and a free consultation. 

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