How to Go Solar

At 93Energy we know, the hardest part of going solar is knowing where to start out. Our team of solar experts has made it easier than ever.

First, we gather relevant information from you like Electricity Usage Information (Bill) and offer a personalized proposal this gives you the perfect size system and outlines the possible savings. You then learn about current Federal Tax incentives and State Incentives or your city might even have some of its own incentives.

We then go over many different financing options some include zero or a little money down. We will work with you to determine what would be best for your situation

Once you approved we get right to work next we handle all city approvals and permits. Finally, with permits in hand, we send our experts out to install your system. You now have brand-new money-saving solar panels on your roof in the best way possible.

You could start reducing future electricity costs right away. Feel free to call us or fill out the request form below.

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