The Solar Way of Doing Things

What You Need To Know About Solar: Everything you need to know about how to put freedom back in the way you buy power! 

Happy Spring, Illinois! As some of you might know, solar energy is quickly taking over the world and revolutionizing the way that homeowners power their homes. Not only does solar power use clean energy, but it also allows homeowners to have the freedom to create efficient power and save more money on their utility bills. What better way to energize your home than with the freedom and flexibility to make the choice that's right for the planet and your wallet? Every family has different needs and uses different amounts of energy. Therefore, each household has different expectations of what their electric bill should look like. 

For those of you who aren’t fully versed in the whole concept of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy, here’s some useful information to help you understand it so you can see how it solves your energy dilemmas! 

1) Environmental Impact

One of the most significant advantages of photovoltaic power is its minimal environmental impact. Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of power that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. By switching to solar power, you can contribute to a cleaner, greener future for our planet. Photovoltaic systems produce electricity without emitting harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases. By investing in solar power, you directly contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint and help combat climate change.

2) Cost Savings

Another attractive benefit of photovoltaic power is the potential for long-term cost savings. Although the initial investment can seem substantial, solar power systems pay for themselves over time through reduced energy bills. Once your solar panels are installed and operational, you can generate free electricity from the sun, leading to a significant reduction in your monthly energy bills. Over time, these savings can more than offset the initial cost of the system.

3) Government Incentives and Tax Breaks

Governments worldwide recognize the importance of photovoltaic power and often offer incentives to encourage solar adoption. These incentives can include tax breaks, rebates, and grants, making solar energy systems more affordable for homeowners and businesses. By taking advantage of these financial incentives, you can further reduce the cost of your solar investment. 93Energy will see to it that you get as many tax breaks and other incentives as possible when installing solar panels in your area. 

4) Energy Independence

By installing a photovoltaic power system, you can achieve greater energy independence. Solar power allows you to generate electricity on-site, reducing your reliance on the grid and the uncertainties associated with fluctuating energy prices. This is also handy for businesses; you’re able to keep operating when inclement weather events occur. Solar power systems, especially those with battery storage, can provide a reliable source of electricity during power outages. This added resilience could be invaluable in areas prone to natural disasters or unstable power grids.

5) Increased Property Value

Installing a photovoltaic power system can boost your property's value. As solar energy becomes more sought after, homes and businesses with solar installations are often considered more attractive to potential buyers, leading to higher resale values and faster sales.

6) Low Maintenance Requirements

Photovoltaic systems are known for their low maintenance requirements. Solar panels typically have a long lifespan, often exceeding 25 years, and require minimal upkeep. With no moving parts, the risk of system failures or breakdowns is significantly reduced, making solar power a reliable long-term investment.

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Embracing photovoltaic power comes with a multitude of benefits, including reduced environmental impact, cost savings, energy independence, increased property value, and more. By choosing solar energy, you make a positive impact on both your wallet and the planet. With governments offering various incentives, now is an excellent time to consider making the switch to photovoltaic power. Reach out to 93Energy today to schedule a free consultation appointment to see how solar panels can best help you power your future! 

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